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Purple - Blue Gradient
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Collect them all 126

Zalmilawrence_Order _FO4138F815408_SZ00a
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A fun and exciting trading card game to collect and play with your friends;
There are 126 cards to collect to complete the full set;
Look forward to the thrill of finding the shiny rare cards which are hidden amongst the packets;
Discover beautifully illustrated Torah themes and Mitzvahs on the cards;

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Rarity Levels:

A card with a diamond (   ) is an uncommon card.

A card with a circle (   ) is a very common card.

A shiny card with a star (   ) is a very rare card.

The most rarest card in the game is the Moshiach Card which has two stars on it.

torah mitzvah cards
torah mitzvah cards
torah mitzvah cards_

Jewish Children’s Game: