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megillat esther

We Will Always Remember

"In the days of king Achashverosh" a unique story told to us from two thousand years ago, about the wonders  and miracles of Hashem, when Queen Esther saved the Jewish people from the king's evil adviser Homon who wanted to destroy the Jewish people. Esther saved the Jews from his wicked decree, and in the end, Homon and his ten sons were hung from a tree. Now we celebrate the great festival of Purim. 


Megilat Esther
Megilat Esther


Passed down from generation to generation, word by word and letter by letter. The stories written down by highly trained and skilled Sofrim (Scribe) who patiently and carefully hand write each letter in exact accordance with the teaching of Moishe Rabbenu.


The closing is made from any coloured suede. Within the suede, built-in magnets are used for closing the megillah.


The designs on the leather casing are done by laser engraving which gives a picture with sharp details.

Laser Engraving

Brochas Inside The Casing

The Megillah rolls into a leather casing. On every Megillah, we leave an extra piece of parchment at the beginning and we use it to tuck in the parchment into the leather case as if it was attached like one piece. In the inside of the leather case is the Brochas that we say before reading the Megillah.

megilat esther

Megilahs Esther

The story of a miracle

Made and designed by Lawrence

Genuine Leather

The font of the Megillah is written in Ksav Arizal. The Megillah has five sections; all sections have been attached together with GID, Gid is the vein of a kosher animal. The Megillah comes in a leather bound cover, with two different colours to pick from. One made of leather and one made of suede. The case is befitting for its unique  beauty, and at the same time, protects your Megillah and looks stylish


Choose a Colour

Whichever colour you prefer, we make it. The leather case is made from two types of materials, leather and suede. You can choose two different matching colours that would look great together.


megilahs esther
megillahs esther
megillah esther


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