Custom Leather Tallit and Tefillin Bags


We can customise leather Tallit and Tefillin bags for your special occasion;

 Gifts, Weddings, Bar Mitzvot and more. 

Stand out from the crowd with our custom leather Tallit and Tefillin bags. These are not only great for special occasions but our custom leather Judaica make fantastic gift ideas! Choose from a range of printing colours, high quality leather materials and we include the special embroidery. We have designs that will suit everyone's tastes. Keep your sacred Tallit and Tefillin safe in these luxury leather bags.


We can even mix and match the colour trims or patterns of your custom leather Tallit and Tefillin bags, all in 100% genuine leather. For more information on how to create your custom leather Judaica, visit our contact page and chat to one of our friendly staff. Or, scroll down to see some perfect examples of our custom Tallit or Tefillin bag designs.

leather tefiilin bags
leather tallis bags
leather tallit bags
leather tallis bag

Printing Embroidery 

blue leather tallit bag
leather tallis bags
brown tallit bag
leather tallit bag
tallit bag leather

The colour that you want is the colour we do

Mix and Match

Mix and Match

Mix and match colours to create the perfect bag;

We can blend all colours together;

Choose from a selection of various colour trims and sections

100 % Genuine Leather