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Jewish Children’s Game

A fun and exciting trading card game to collect and play with your friends;
There are 100 cards to collect to complete the full set;

Random cards in each pack, look out for the rare ones.
Look forward to the thrill of finding the shiny rare cards which are hidden amongst the packets;
Discover beautifully illustrated Torah themes and Mitzvahs on the cards;

In this special booster box, it may contain a collector's dream. Each card is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Unveil the elusive super rare gemstone cards and the incredibly exclusive 14k gold card. With a total of six special cards to collect, these gemstone cards are unlike anything you've seen before. A genuine gemstone known for its mesmerizing beauty, each card showcases unique colors found in nature's most precious creations. Made from authentic, natural gemstones sourced directly from the earth, these cards allow collectors to hold a piece of Hashem's magnificent creation that surrounds us.


Rarity Levels:

A card with a diamond  is an uncommon card.

A card with a circle is a very common card.

A shiny card with a star  is a very rare card.

The most rarest card in the game is the Moshiach Card which has two stars on it.


7 Random cards per packet.


Whats inside 

  • 2 TMC packets with 7 random cards per pack.
  • 20 protective sleeves.
  • Booster boxes may include a gem or gold card.



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