Illustrated Family Tehillim - Beige

Each perek of Tehillim is prefaced by a short paragraph consisting of its core message, background information and historical context. In the page margins, “tidbits” with a wide range of information appeal to many different interests. These will add depth and personal meaning to the recital of Tehillim, imbuing the reader with the insights into the inspiration with which Dovid Hamelech wrote the Sefer. There are also many original “functionality” features to this Tehillim, including: • Icons showing the “usage” of specific chapters (prayer for the sick, thanks to Hashem, prayer for Eretz Yisrael, special request, etc.) • Selected operational information including minhagim, pronunciations, meaning of selected words etc. • Clear and easy-to-read Hebrew font. • Clear markings to help locate pessukim and perakim, portions for the day of the month and portions for the day of the week. The information is culled from intensive research of the vast sea of Chazal and mefarshim who shed light on these timeless and powerful tefillos, and has been selected to inspire and make Tehillim relevant to our lives. Finally, each page of this beautiful volume comes alive with original illustrations by celebrated Chassidic artist Michoel Muchnik, depicting many of the themet hat Dovid Hamelech sings of in Tehillim

Illustrated Family Tehillim - Beige

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