Challah mold set of 4 mini roles
Simply fill and bake, No Braiding required! The soft Silicone Challah mold pan helps you bake Challah easily and gets you that perfect shape.
How to use Challah Molds:
1- Preheat oven to 375'.
2- Prepare Challah Dough.
3- Spray inside of Challah mold nonstick baking spray.
4- Place raw dough into Challah Mold. *NOTE: The dough should fill the Challah mold halfway.
5- Cover open end of Challah mold with a moist cloth, Allow to rise for 1 hour in Challah Mold.
6- Remove cloth and place Challah Mold in Preheated oven with open end facing UP.
7- Remove Challah from Challah Mold 10 minutes before the Challah is completly baked and place on flat pan.