Brown Kosher Lamp



MAXHeight: 12" / 30.5 cm Diameter: 4" / 10 cm Included with KosherLamp:-one 13 or 15 Watt, Compact Fluorescent Bulb-KosherLamp MAX manualNOTE: use maximum 15 Watt CFL bulb.


10 Reasons to use KosherLamp:

  • Read in bed on Friday night, then hide the light when you're done reading.
  • Use the directed light so you won't disturb others.
  • Let guests enjoy the luxury of a KosherLamp in their room.
  • Use KosherLamp in the baby's room so you can tend to her at night.
  • Make bedtime a snap! Give the children a KosherLamp so they can read in bed too. (They'll actually want to go to bed!)
  • Use the KosherLamp during the week as an adjustable nightlight. Comes in handy when you need to find your clothes on those dark, early mornings.
  • It's small enough to bring to the bungalow colony, cottage or summer home.
  • Safe to leave on for a 3-day Yom Tov. KosherLamp uses energy-saving Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs.
  • Very handy to have for late-night studying at yeshiva or seminary.
  • KosherLamp makes the perfect gift for anyone. It's a Jewish product to enhance the Shabbos, it's good for men, women or children and for any occasion!

Brown Kosher Lamp